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EdgeWedge™ PCB Connector

Back in September 2020 MMC designed and patented new type of uncommitted PCB connector meant for temporary circuit access, such as ICSP or SWD programming, JTAG scanning, debugging etc. The connection is done through the edge of the PCB using castellated holes located around PCB corner. Its name EdgeWedge™ comes from the principle of firmly holding connector in place by wedging PCB corner between slanted vertical pins. Spring-loaded action is provided by flexibility of the PCB material.

The idea of using castellated holes for this purpose is not new, see for instance Edge-Connect™ family of connectors offered by Tag-Connect company. What's new is this:

If you'd like to make your own adapter, you can download gerbers here 

Here below are few videos inroducing EdgeWedge™ in action:


  Usage         Connecting Programmers        Connecting to the side of a PCB