While I own and run Metric Mind Engineering (formerly Metric Mind Corporation), all EV conversion projects and related information on this website is my own private work, unrelated to my business. I want to raise awareness of what's possible and hope to inspire and encourage people out there to explore, learn and do something on their own. Use any info on this site just as examples. Use common sense and replicate at your own risk. I have mechanical skills, good selection of tools and equipment, and as an electrical engineer I understand well all principles and implementation of the hardware. Therefore many usual challenges associated with working on electronic projects or converting gasoline vehicle to electric seemed easy solved, but your mileage may vary. People learn from mistakes, and if I may suggest, learn first from someone else's mistakes rather than from your own.

About EV conversions: final variant of my vehicle uses 200kW drive system, about 750VDC system voltage and lithium polymer battery as propulsion pack. There is nothing scary about high voltage number itself, but you must understand fundamentals and pay respect to electricity. 750VDC sure can kill you, but so can ~120VAC or 36VDC if conditions are right. Don't cut corners and save a buck on proper insulating, fusing, safeguarding, interlocking and similar safety measures. However, don't be over-paranoid either, fundamentally an EV is just scaled up RC car every kid loves. (After all, we're all kids inside, only toys have changed...). If you understand what you do, apply common sense and act accordingly, you will be fine. Don't be afraid to admit you don't know or don't understand something - seek advice! It pays big time. Better ask and re-do (before turning things on!) than face consequences of ignorance or silly and avoidable mistakes every human is prone to.

Back when I've started, my EV projects were considered high end conversions using top notch expensive at the time hardware. While cost is always important, it is not a priority for most of my projects. No, I will not waste money needlessly - I will shop for best deal for, say, copper washers, but will not compromise and substitute them for steel or aluminum ones if copper will do significantly better job. That's the principle I maintain throughout all my projects, whatever final cost turn out to be. I just want to demonstrate what is doable and if along with converting the car I can convert few skeptics into a firm believers and possibly followers, I would consider such outcome well worth the effort of detail documenting and creating this site.

Please keep in mind that normally an EV conversion is not suitable for a novice.

This web site is structured as living blog which will be updated as various projects progress. Some may seem unfinished. There is no commercial goal or interest, no completion deadline. The conversions described here are only example how I did it.

They are to satisfy your curiosity, perhaps educate, and hopefully inspire. It is definitely NOT a set of instructions or guidance how it should be done. Welcome to use information here for your own projects if you find it useful, but remember - there are many ways to achieve the same result. If you will use links or images from this site, please credit original source (this site) and provide links to it. As my previous web site, this one is geared toward presenting as much detailed information as I have while keeping the site slick and simple, with only relevant stuff. Most pages contain only text, with links to numerous photos, videos and other graphic material.


Best luck in your endeavors!

June 2021