Some fun projects you can do.

But first - a little story...

electric car Summer 1995, DMV inpection station in San Antonio, TEXAS.

-Hi! Is anybody in?
  The guy slowly apeared from behind the front desk.
-Hi there. What's happenin' brother?
  The way he looked at me and asked this somehow suggested that it may be difficult to accomplish my goal in this place, but I felt uncomfortable to retreat.
-I brought my car for inspection sir, this white Honda over there.
-...Let see... (walks around)... you've got your muffler pipe broken. If you want, we can install new one for just 19.95 plus tax.
-Well, you know, I don't need one. This car...
-And... how about there? (looking underneath the car)... his face from round became slightly oval. -WHAT THA... #@&$ is all this?
-It's my electric car.
-Say what?
-It's electric. That is there's no engine, electric motor instead.
-(10 sec. pause) Aaa.... So.... Mmmm... Well,... Aaah... So you don't have a catalytic converter either?
-Excuse me?
-Texas State law requires to have catalytic converter on every passenger vehicle, man.
-Sir, this is an ELECTRIC car, so...
-I don't care, you know. There is no exception to this in the State regulations.
-So what do you want me to do now?
-I don't know man, we just follow the rules: no catalithic converter - no inspection. Sorry, I wanna keep my job...
-Well, would that be OK if I'll throw converter in my trunk, come back here and show to you that I HAVE it?
  My fear about his IQ level was now undoubtedly confirmed.
-Never mind, thanks...

At that point I realized that this unexpected obstacle can ruin the enjoyment of legitimate ownership of an electric car.
Fortunately, I was able to get my inspection sticker without a glitch at the next inspection station 3 blocks away...

If you ever get inspired enough to do a conversion yourself, this was my first attempt. Now this is history.
I enjoyed EV grin for about five years, learned a great deal of information about electric vehicles and decided to make
both primary vehicles for my family electric. This Honda was upgraded later to become much better car - we
lcome to AC club.

picture of spinning clock One of my fun electronic projects was to build this most unusual clock I ran across on the web.  Illusion of suspended-in-the-air digits works so well that one puzzles just how it is possible. Sometimes it still hypnotizes even myself!  The "brain" of this table clock is a tiny micro chip. All the electronic circuitry spins around by a small electric motor. The vertical line of 7 lights, when lit in a controlled sequence, simulates a matrix of lights passing by your eyes (similar to stock quotes " moving " displays). If you are an electronics enthusiast and ready to spend a few weekends and 20-30 bucks on parts to make this incredible thing, look here for more photos and technical details.

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