CIRCAD - How To.

If you've landed on this page you already know what Circad is and you use it all the time. No need to promote it here or tout its advantages. My only regret is that the sole developer of this great software apears to have abandoned it, so no new updates to its latest 2014 release are expected. However, as of last release, it works very well as designed. Now and then I discover interestig and rarely used features improving productivity. When I get questions how to do certain things, I know people are looking for answers, and if some issue persists I'll keep create short 2-3 min. videos, each answering of one specific question. This page will eventually contain collection of these "How to" videos.

If you'd want to know a particular solution, how to navigate in Circad and get things done, email me. Conversely, if you discover a tip or trick to accomplish something that is not covered in web-based Help and would like to share it with fellow Circad users, welcome to submit it. With enough general interest, I'll post it here with full credit to the author.